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Social Media Guidelines

  1. Be Transparent – Identify Yourself. Don’t expect anonymity. If you are not willing to stand behind what you say or are worried you might get in trouble, it is probably better that you not post it.
  2. Be Considerate – Do no harm. Respect yourself and your peers. Avoid slurs, personal attacks, obscenity, and inflammatory topics.
  3. Be Legal – Follow all applicable laws, including copyright, data protection, libel, and slander.
  4. Be Judicious – Not everything should be shared. Avoid posting any confidential information or sharing information about your colleagues, especially those that are employees or investors of TradingNewsNow.com [TNN].
  5. Be Honest and Accurate – Admit mistakes should they occur.
  6. Be Thoughtful – Use good judgement. It is easy for what you post to be taken out of context. Think about reactions to your post before sharing it.
  7. Be Knowledgeable – Review information before posting to ensure accuracy. If you are borrowing content from somewhere else, cite and link your sources.
  8. Be Professional – Avoid posting information or pictures that may represent you in an unprofessional manner, particularly if you are friends, or regularly communicate, with coworkers on social media sites, as this may undermine your credibility and if you are an employee of TradingNewsNow.com [TNN], than it may lead to disciplinary action if what you are sharing violates company policies.